Links collection of texts from the world’s sacred traditions the site of Yitzhak Buxbaum,  author and sacred storyteller a fabulous collection of websites of all types of storytelling resources. Thanks Tim WV Storytelling Guild – I’m a member and wanted to plug the gang. Chris King’s site on storytelling and communication skills New Renaissance Magazine Parabola – the magazine of myth, tradition, and the search for meaning. The Vedic Friends Association Healing Story Alliance Site of Storyteller Laura Simms Myths and stories from around the world Doug Lipman’s site of stories on the Hasidic teachers – helpful articles on Kevin Cordi’s site folktales in abundance National Storytelling Network Contact person in USA for this nonprofit is Rev.Renee Waun The Invitation by Oriah Small Farm Training Center blog of Jesse Hanson, musician, song writer and author. Nice little place in North Carolina – Common Bond Institute – Edinburgh International Centre of Spirituality & Peace